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St.Lucia Weddings
The most Romantic island in the world invites you to celebrate your wedding with us in St.Lucia. The island of inspiring sunsets, warm Caribbean Sea, Beautiful golden sandy beaches, rejuvenating tropical rain-forests and some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean. Whether your dream is to get married under a waterfall, on a sun-kissed sandy beach or colorful Caribbean church, we can accommodate you. Contact us today so we can make your dream wedding a reality.
Private Villa Wedding
St.Lucia Villa Wedding

A popular choice for Weddings in St.Lucia is a private Villa wedding. You have the entire villa to yourself with the Wedding ceremony being conducted on the property grounds or beside the pool.
Private Beach Wedding
St.Lucia Beach Wedding

The favorite wedding location and every romantics dream is for a private beach wedding. With several beautiful beaches to choose from for your wedding ceremony, the Pigeon island beach is the most popular for beach weddings.
Historic Ruins Wedding
St.Lucia Historic Ruins Wedding

Surround yourself with St.Lucia History from far gone days of Pirates and colonial battles with a wedding at Pigeon island. These historical buildings are perfect for wedding backdrops and nostalgia.
Private Waterfall Wedding
St.Lucia Superman Waterfalls wedding

Another popular and romantic wedding venue is at Superman waterfalls in Soufriere. Named from the movie scene shot on location. The waterfall, tropical grounds and therapeutic mineral rich pool are a perfect combination for a natural wedding environment.
Botanical Gardens Wedding
St.Lucia botanical gardens wedding

The Diamond Fall Botanical Gardens are a rich environment of Tropical plants and flowers with many rare and beautiful species of tropical flowers to make your Wedding location one of natural beauty.
Nature Lovers Wedding
Balenbouche estate st.lucia wedding

Eco friendly Weddings at Balenbouche Estate. Balenbouche Estate is a st.lucia guest house with cottages and villas for nature lovers and encompasses over 60 acres of natural vegetation, pastures, rivers and beaches, fruit orchards, tropical gardens and trails.

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